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Beeping smoke alarm?

Are your smoke alarms sounding but there is no smoke? This can happen for a number of reasons and can be as simple as a dust particle on the photoelectric sensor or could even be an alarm stuck in alarm.

Please follow the simple procedure to first locate which alarm is setting off all alarms. 

Procedure for Emerald Planet Alarms - 

Faulty Alarm Procedure

To locate a faulty alarm (while the alarms are sounding) : push the locate button on the wall controller. This will leave one alarm sounding/beeping. LOCATE FAULTY ALARM. Then press the silence button on the remote. Then disarm the smoke alarm and notify the property manager for replacement.

Lithium Alarm | Bedroom Alarm: to disarm, push the button on the centre of the alarm 6 times (within 3 seconds) you will see the red light go solid and once the red light flickers - then push the centre button 6 times again within 3 seconds. There will be a pause and the alarm will beep once. This signifies the alarm is now deactivated.

240V Alarm | Lounge/Hallway/Dining: to disarm the alarm, push the tab on the side of the alarm, the head/front of  the alarm will drop down. Remove the battery and leave the front hanging. The alarm is now deactivated.

ONCE ALARMS ARE DEACTIVATED, PLEASE EMAIL with your name, address and real estate name.

We will Attend ASAP to replace faulty alarm.

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